July 7, 2017

Agile Software Delivery

What is Agile Software Delivery?

Agile software delivery is the staffing and management of development teams under a proven Scrum methodology to plan and deliver potentially shippable software in small, defined intervals with value delivery considered priority.

Services Offered

Agile software delivery includes a development team provided by Obsidian River to the client consisting of a Scrum Master and between one and three developers depending on the scope and time frame required by the client for software delivery.

The agile development team will work on delivery of user stories defined and prioritized by the client Product Owner.  Optionally, if the client does not have a designated Product Owner, Obsidian River can provide a Product Owner or training of a client designee as a Product Owner for the delivery effort.

The Scrum master provided by Obsidian River will set the Scrum ceremonies for each sprint to include: planning, daily stand up, demo, and retrospective.  The Scrum master will insure action items from each ceremony are addressed and resolved in a timely manner and will publish the updated progress of the delivery team each day.

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