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Sample our Service

500 words from three distinct narrators

Per Sample

Per sample

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  • 500 Words
  • 3 Narrators
  • Full rights to sample files

Serialization Service

Chapter-by-chapter or individual episodes.

up to 5000 words

up to 5000 words

What's included:

  • 5000 Words
  • Single Narrator
  • Full Rights to narration files

Pinnacle Package Service

Full length productions & YouTube success package

$625 + 25% of Adsense Revenue

includes 200,000 words

What's included:

  • 200,000 words
  • Single Narrator
  • Full rights to narration files
  • YouTube Channel setup, hosting, and promotion

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AI narration has come a long way, offering lifelike voice quality, varied intonations, and the ability to capture different emotions. While human narrators bring their unique experiences and personal touches to a reading, AI narrators provide consistency, clarity, and rapid production times. For authors looking for a cost-effective and efficient solution without compromising on quality, AI narration is a fantastic option. However, it’s worth noting that the choice between human and AI narration largely depends on individual preferences and the specific demands of the content.

The duration primarily depends on the length of your manuscript. For our ‘Sample’ package, you can expect a turnaround time of 24-48 hours. The ‘Chapter-by-chapter’ offer typically takes 2-5 days, while the ‘Pinnacle Package’ varies based on the total word count and additional services like YouTube channel setup. Rest assured, our AI narrators work around the clock to ensure you receive your audiobook in the shortest time possible.

On average, most requests are completed in just two days or less.  However, more complex requests can take longer.

We pride ourselves on being versatile and accommodating a wide range of genres, from fiction to non-fiction, fantasy to biographies, and more. However, we do adhere to content guidelines that prohibit the production of materials that promote hate, discrimination, or any form of explicit content not suitable for a broad audience. If you’re unsure about your content’s eligibility, please reach out, and we’d be happy to guide you.

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