April 4, 2018

Business Partner Network Opportunities

Obsidian River Business Partner Network Opportunities are the ways in which I reward you for your referrals to Obsidian River.  I appreciate the trust you show in me by referring your clients to me.  I take that responsibility seriously.  I know you’ve put your reputation on the line by sending business to me and I want to reflect well on you.

Currently I offer the following services with the corresponding rewards associated with them.

CTO as a Service or Virtual CTO

For a monthly retainer, currently $1975, I will provide CTO services for a client.  This includes evaluation of current technology portfolio and strategy, delivery of a technology operating plan to reduce cost, and delivery of a strategic road map for the client’s technology portfolio to meet their goals for growth, stability or their own objectives.

For this service I offer an ongoing residual payment of 5% of the retainer for every month the client remains engaged with me.

Virtual Scrum Master

I offer to serve as a client’s virtual scrum master, coordinating all ceremonies for a two week sprint and reporting on a scrum teams progress on a daily basis.

I charge $1200 per two week sprint and offer a $50 residual payment for each sprint the client engages me as a Scrum master.

This residual is multiplied by the number of teams, so if the client engages me to be the scrum master for three teams the fee and residual are multiplied by three for a residual payment of $150.

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