Episode 39 - Obsidian River Fiction Podcast

The Alliances Form: Dive into Dracula Chapter 17

In every great narrative, there comes a turning point; a moment where the players gather, strategies are discussed, and a united front is formed. Chapter 17 of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” serves as that very pivot for our tale.

Today, we at Obsidian River Productions, proudly present our latest adaptation – a narration that brings every tense alliance, every whispered plan, and the very atmosphere of Dracula’s world to life. Our goal has always been to deliver classics in their pure essence but adapted for the modern listener, and this chapter is a testament to that commitment.

The Gathering of Allies

As the mysteries of Count Dracula unfold, our protagonists find themselves at a crossroads. With a looming threat that’s more menacing than ever, the need of the hour is collaboration. Chapter 17 offers readers (and listeners) an immersive experience as the characters we’ve grown to admire and root for, come together in an attempt to decipher the best course of action against the dark force that is Dracula.

A Modern Retelling of a Timeless Classic

Our latest narration endeavors to capture the essence of Stoker’s words while ensuring the experience is tailored for contemporary ears. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of gothic literature or a newcomer seeking a deep dive into a world of suspense and horror, this episode promises an auditory treat.

Watch & Listen

Experience the thrill and suspense of Chapter 17 now on our YouTube channel: https://YouTube.com/@obsidianriverproductions. And for those on the go, or who prefer an audio-rich experience, tune in to our podcast at https://obsidianriver.com/pod.

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Until the next chapter, happy listening!


Nat Thompson

Founder, Obsidian River Productions

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