Episode 47 - Obsidian River Fiction Podcast

Heartbeats & Horrors: Unveiling Chapter 24 of Bram Stoker's Dracula

The allure of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” is timeless, each chapter weaving a tale that lures readers deeper into the heart of darkness. Obsidian River Productions is thrilled to present the release of Chapter 25 – an episode rife with tension, mystery, and daring strategies aboard the renowned Orient Express.

Chapter 25, fittingly titled “The Express Enigma,” delves into one of the most electrifying moments in the book. Our protagonists are racing against time, with Count Dracula seemingly always a step ahead. However, in a move that blends desperation with genius, Van Helsing, the seasoned vampire hunter, chooses this moment to employ hypnotism on Mina. Jonathan Harker, ever the protective husband, watches on, his heart fraught with anxiety. The outcome of this audacious attempt could tip the balance in their fight against the supernatural menace.

So, why the Orient Express, and why this particular method?

The legendary train, with its promise of speed and discretion, is the perfect backdrop for such a critical juncture in the story. It’s a setting that combines both luxury and urgency, mirroring the high stakes our characters face. As for Van Helsing’s use of hypnotism, it’s a testament to his vast knowledge and the lengths he’s willing to go to protect mankind from the ancient evil.

Obsidian River Productions’ rendition of this chapter captures the nuances of Stoker’s writing while adding our unique flair to the narration. Each word is intended to transport you, our dear reader, into the world of Dracula, making you feel every emotion and suspense as if you were there with Mina, Jonathan, and Van Helsing.

Dive into this captivating episode and experience the allure of one of literature’s most iconic tales. Whether you’re a lifelong fan of Dracula or are exploring this gothic masterpiece for the first time, Chapter 25 promises to be an enthralling experience.

Listen to the episode here and join the journey with Obsidian River Productions. Don’t forget to subscribe for more thrilling chapters to come!

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