Episode 53 - Obsidian River Fiction Podcast

Unraveling the Enigma: A Deep Dive into Chapter Four of "The Great Gatsby"

Welcome to another episode from Obsidian River Productions. Today, we’re exploring one of the pivotal chapters of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, “The Great Gatsby” – Chapter Four. This chapter isn’t just a narrative progression; it’s a revelation of characters, of settings, of relationships, and most importantly, of the elusive Jay Gatsby himself.

The Drive That Sheds Light

As Nick Carraway finds himself on a drive through the bustling streets of New York with Gatsby, we’re privy to a series of revelations. This isn’t just a scenic drive; it’s an insight into Gatsby’s world, his connections, and the rumors that surround him.

The List: A Snapshot of the Roaring Twenties

Fitzgerald, in this chapter, introduces us to a list of Gatsby’s party guests. It’s more than just names; it’s a snapshot of society, of the eclectic mix of people who were drawn into Gatsby’s magnetic pull. The Jazz Age, with its excesses and its emptiness, comes alive through these names.

Mystery Intensifies: The Wolfsheim Connection

As if Gatsby wasn’t enigmatic enough, his association with Meyer Wolfsheim adds another layer to the mystery. This chapter offers a glimpse, albeit a cloudy one, into Gatsby’s source of wealth. Wolfsheim, rumored to be involved in shady dealings, brings a touch of the underworld into the narrative.

Connecting the Dots

Chapter Four is a connector, linking past events to forthcoming revelations. It’s the chapter where suspicions arise, where allegiances are questioned, and where the divide between the old money of East Egg and the nouveau riche of West Egg becomes more apparent.


As with every chapter of “The Great Gatsby,” there’s more than meets the eye. The seemingly straightforward events of Chapter Four are rife with subtext, with nuances that demand a closer look.

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Engage with Us

Let’s discuss! What were your takeaways from Chapter Four? How do you interpret Gatsby’s relationship with Wolfsheim? Share your thoughts and interpretations in the comments.

Until the next chapter, happy reading!

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