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Affairs, Anguish, and Altercations: The Great Gatsby Chapter Seven Unveiled

The mystique of the Roaring Twenties is amplified tenfold in Chapter Seven of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”. With the curtains rising on affairs, emotional turmoil, and intense altercations, this chapter is nothing short of an emotional roller-coaster. Obsidian River Productions invites you to delve deep into this intriguing world with our latest episode, ensuring an experience that transcends mere reading.

Dive Deeper into the Jazz Era:

The lavish parties, the shimmering dresses, and the clandestine glances – all symbols of a bygone era. But what lurks behind these glittering facades? Chapter Seven unravels the complex entanglements of love, jealousy, and pride. Watch as the dynamics between Daisy, Tom, and Gatsby shift, leading to revelations and confrontations that define the heart of this literary masterpiece.

Experience The Great Gatsby like Never Before:

Our rendition of Chapter Seven is not just a narration; it’s an immersive experience. The highs and lows of the characters, the charged atmosphere of New York, and the underlying tensions are all brought to life with our unique touch. This chapter of Gatsby is not merely read; it’s felt, heard, and lived.

Continue the Journey:

The magic doesn’t end with this episode. For enthusiasts wanting an immersive, ad-free experience, consider browsing our full-length narrations at ObsidianRiver.com/shop. Dive deep into stories that have shaped generations and experience them in a brand-new light.


Chapter Seven of “The Great Gatsby” is a pivotal moment in literature, brimming with emotions and essential plot developments. By joining Obsidian River Productions on this journey, you’re not just listening to a story; you’re becoming a part of it. Click here to embark on this unforgettable adventure.

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