April 19, 2017

IT Executive on Demand

Is IT Becoming a Distraction?

Is your company in need of expert IT and process experience but not ready to pay for a full time CTO?  Are you spending more and more time managing your technology than managing your business?  Do you want confidence that experts are handling your technology while keeping your company’s objectives squarely in mind?

We have the solution for you.

IT Executive on Demand

Our IT Executive on Demand offering allows you to reserve the hours you need month to month for IT leadership for your organization.  With our retainer based model, you select the number of hours your organization needs and rest assured that help is ready when you need it.

From RFP review to process design and management, we offer a full range of IT expertise.  Our decades of experience cover the broad range of concerns you will experience in regards to IT.

Not a Cookie Cutter

We recognize that your organization has its own very specific needs and concerns.  While there is efficiency to be gained through reusing tools and processes, there is also a need to tune these solutions to meet your requirements.  This tuning is one of the strengths we have to offer.

Having worked in numerous organizations of varying size and function we can recognize what approaches are and are not a good fit for you.  We can help steer you in the right direction and provide you with the detail of why that direction is right for you.  You come away with a better approach and the understanding needed to trust the decision.

Flexible Options

We offer retainer blocks in increments of ten hours per month.  Due to current demand we are currently limiting new clients to four blocks per month.  For more information please fill in the information below to setup a time to discuss your needs and how we can assist you with your IT Executive Needs.

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A full day’s access to your own personal CTO To Go!  Ask questions, strategize, get the advice you are looking for.  Only $250 a day.