December 27, 2018

Social Media Marketing Service


Our Social Media Marketing Service is designed to build audience participation for customers of your business.  It will be focused on identifying the your ideal customer avatar, creation of an audience based on the avatar’s demographics, and running advertising to promote social media likes on your target platform.


  • Full customer avatar creation
  • Audience creation based on avatar demographics
  • Creation of ad content delivery schedule
  • Implementation of content delivery system
  • Target likes outcome within specified time frame
  • Metrics to measure results of campaign


A survey will be provided to you to determine the your target customer avatar and the appropriate demographics for the avatar. The survey will also include gathering of information surrounding the your current technology platform. You will be required to have the technology cornerstones listed below.

If you do not have these in place, they can be established for the setup and ongoing maintenance fees noted. 

Required Technology Cornerstones

  • Registered Website Domain 
    • Setup $25
    • Monthly Maintenance Fee $5
  • WordPress Website Setup
    • 1 Page – $625
    • 3 Page – $975
    • 5 Page – $1225
    • Monthly Maintenance Fee $25
  • Email for Domain
    • Setup – $25
    • Monthly Maintenance Fee $10
  • Facebook Page
    • Setup – $25
    • Hourly Maintenance Fee $45
  • Email Marketing Service (Either MailChimp or ConvertKit)
    • Setup $125
    • Monthly Maintenance Fee
      • 1 – 1000 Addresses $45
      • 1001 – 3000 Addresses $97
      • 3001 – 5000 Addresses $157
      • 5001 – 10000 Addresses $225


Prerequisite Technology Cornerstones

Once the technology cornerstones are in place it is possible to create content for consumption by customers and begin increasing engagement through social media likes campaigns.

Avatar Creation

The completion of the customer avatar for you allows identification of demographics needed to effectively target the likes campaign to an appropriate audience.

Audience Deffinition

The audience to target social media advertising to is created based on the Avatar demographics identified.

Content Delivery Schedule

The content delivery schedule is the timing and pricing of ads based on content posts.  It will be fed by the content management system setup in your WordPress website.

Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Metrics Report

These reports will show the results of the likes campaign at the determined intervals and track progress towards your target likes goal.

Getting Started

If you are ready to get started or would like more information please enter your first name and email below.  I will be in touch as quickly as possible.

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