August 11, 2018

Website Help

<![CDATA[If you have a website you can understand how frustrating it can be.  When technology is not your primary business learning all of the ins and outs of web design, hosting, updates, search engine optimization and all the other details that go into building a website can eat up a significant amount of your time.
And then something goes wrong.
Diagnosing those problems and getting everything back on track shouldn't be what you are spending your time on.  You should be working with customers or clients, building your business.
That's why I am here to help.  With over twenty-one years of experience building and managing websites I can quickly diagnose and resolve problems for you.  This frees you to go back to work on your business leaving the website management to me.
I offer flexible options to be of assistance to you in whatever manner works best for you.
If you just need a quick fix to a problem I offer my “Website Problem Solver” plan for $250.  Click the link to purchase the service and I will be in touch right away.  Or, just call me at 877.758.2899.  Tell me your problem and I will quote you a price for fixing it.  Then I will get to work.
If you have a project that needs doing I can help with that as well.  Whether it’s building a new website or overhauling an existing one we’ll talk about what you need and I will create a plan and estimate for getting it done.  We’ll work together with close communication so you’re always up to date on progress until it is finished.  Email me at to get started.
Finally, if you need a website expert to call on without the cost of hiring a full time employee, I offer my monthly retainer plan.  For $500 a month you get unlimited email support and a number of hours of my time set aside for you each month.  You can call me with questions, problems and anything else related to your website and I will be there to help.  Click “Sign up for Website Help Plan” to get started today or call me at 877.758.2899 if you have questions.
Website setup and management is frustrating.  Hire me to do it for you.]]>

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