August 14, 2018

Website Setup


Website Setup

Ready to launch a website of your own but have no idea where to start? We can help.
The initial launch of your website can be stressful. If you don’t have a technical background the prospect of getting your site off the ground can seem overwhelming. In frustration, a lot of people turn to website generators.
What do they end up with? A cookie cutter site that looks just like the competitor next door.
That’s not a good investment of your time or money.
On the other extreme, you could hire a design firm to come up with a site and charge you thousands of dollars to implement it. It will be original, but is that really where you want to spend so much of your initial investment in your business?
Not likely.
We offer an affordable alternative. Our “Done for You Website Setup” means you get an actual human being with years of experience setting up your site. We will have a conversation about what you want and how that will happen and then we will quickly have you up and running. The details of “How To” and “What” will be off your plate.
The process
We will setup your website with WordPress from beginning to end. Leave the technology to us and we’ll deliver a premium site ready to serve your customers. We’ll provide you with the materials you need to operate your website day to day or, if you prefer, we offer “Done For You” webmaster plans that handle the operations as well.
Our base setup includes domain registration or transfer, website setup of up to five pages, email setup, basic plugin package and theme setup, and a “Website Operating Manual”. If you choose to host your website and email with us I offer plans starting at $50 a month.
To get started send us an email with the best way to reach you or call us at 877-758-2899.
We’ll get started building your site right away.
Basic Website Setup with Hosting
Prices start at $1033 for setup.
Call me at 877-758-2899 for an estimate.
$50 per month website and email hosting
Contact us for a quote on setup using a third party hosting vendor or to get started today.
Call me – 877-758-2899]]>

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