April 1, 2018

Welcome Partner!

You’ve successfully registered for the Obsidian River, Inc. business development partner mailing list.

Let me personally say, “Thank you!”

Your trust in Obsidian River to deliver valuable services to your clients means a lot to me.  My commitment is to always be transparent in communications, meticulous in planning, and precise in execution.

I look forward to a long, and mutually beneficial partnership.

Please be on the lookout for email introducing the opportunities you have as a partner with Obsidian River to provide services to your clients and the benefits that accrue to you for referring clients to those services.  Also, if you have opportunities that you would like to present to the Partner network, please contact me at nat@natthompson.com so we can discuss the opportunity and how best the network might be able to serve that need.

Thank you again, and welcome partner!

— Nat

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