A Caring Place, Website Rescue

<![CDATA[A Caring Place reached out to Obsidian River in need of a website rescue.  The owner had encountered an all to common problem, a hosting provider that had lost the website files and a web developer that had shuttered their practice.
In this situation a business owner can understandably feel quite a bit of stress.  Fortunately, the years of experience that the team at Obsidian River possesses meant they knew the solution.
They got to work mining the Internet Archive, a historical repository of website content and reconstructed the site.  It was a bit of digital archaeology that, in the end, was rewarded with a reconstructed site.
In the process Obsidian River was also able to help A Caring Place replace some obsolete Flash technology with HTML5 standards.  A nice boost to help improve security and eliminate some gaps in the mobile experience for A Caring Place’s visitors.]]>

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